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About Us

America’s National Teenager is the longest running premier pageant for teens in the United States operating for more than 50 years. Founded in 1970, America’s National Teenager has graced the cover of magazines, television and national media as a role model of leadership, scholastic aptitude and service. Combining the elements of Scholarship, Service, Success and Style, our ANTSO State and National Programs draw on a positive approach to pageantry that implements a scoring system focusing on a “real girl.” With no swimsuit or mandatory talent competition, ANTSO focuses on YOU, as a typical teen in your daily life, highlighting what makes you special!  Our scoring system reflects that with 50% of the score focused on Academics, Community Service and Leadership and Interview!

ANTSO has awarded more than $102 million scholarships since its creation in 1970. America’s National Teenager continues to set high standards for excellence by awarding cash scholarships at every national competition each year.

Our mission is to promote strong scholastic ideals, solid leadership principles and high character growth to young women. ANTSO holds to the highest standards of quality and integrity and conducts all competitions in a fair and unbiased manner. America’s National Teenager is recognized as one of the longest running, most prestigious female teen scholarship pageant competitions in the country.

A Letter from Jenny

Congratulations on your journey with America’s National Teenager! You have chosen an amazing pageant system…and the fun is just beginning! Our system has been providing scholarships, prizes and opportunities to girls JUST LIKE YOU for 50 years! You have now inserted yourself into an environment of abundance – one that will embrace your dreams, lift you as you climb, encourage you to take flight on your own and watch with joy as you shine on stage in your brilliance! Our professional national staff, dedicated team of state directors, and volunteers throughout the country are thrilled to share in this journey with you!

You deserve the best pageant experience possible and we aim to deliver. Our teams are dedicated to a professional level of service and commitment, and the prizes and opportunities we offer in travel are fantastic! We know you will have a great time with America’s National Teenager and we can’t wait to meet you!

Welcome to the ANTSO family!

Jenny Telwar
CEO and Owner

America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization
Miss National Teenager International Scholarship Organization

Jenny Telwar, CEO & owner of America's National Teenger Scolarship Orgaization


  • America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization

  • America’s National Teenager

  • America’s Junior National Teenager 

  • America’s Preteen National Teenager

  • America's Tween National Teenager

  • ANTSO National Sweetheart Pageant

  • ANTSO National Miss Pageant

  • Miss National Teenager International Scholarship Organization


Our titleholders participate in various activities year round throughout the country to support these organizations work. ANTSO holds true to serving these not-for profits organizations in its donation of time and resources. We provide these opportunities for contestants to expand their community service involvement and compassion for others.

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