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National Philanthropy

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ANTSO for the Earth is an optional philanthropic initiative that all ANTSO

titleholders are welcome to participate in. 

To participate, Titleholders pick any “eco” topic that fits their interests, lifestyle and

resources available. In addition to volunteering or completing a project in-person,

they post to social media to influence others to make a positive lifestyle change,

educate about an environmental topic, or simply share their love for the Earth.

Anything goes!

A scholarship for the most impactful eco initiative is awarded to an

overall winner at the national pageant from posts made throughout the previous calendar year. To

be considered for the scholarship, titleholders must tag @OfficialANTSO and utilize the

hashtags #ANTSO and #ANTSOForTheEarth on either Facebook or Instagram

(preferably both), with their first name and title clearly stated either on the post

itself, or publicly on the titleholder’s social media profile.

ANTSO for the Earth was adopted as the national philanthropy in 2020 with great consideration to remove barriers to participation. Titleholders are encouraged to "think global, act local," to make a change in their local communities without the need for fundraising or intensive resources. We believe that cultivating a love and respect for the planet we all share is something everyone can do! 

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