Lauren is a small-town girl from Tennessee. She was honored to be crowned the Preteen National Teenager in Baltimore. Lauren has many hobbies and interests including dancing jazz, hip hop, and ballet; being in the 4H Honor club, reading mysteries, traveling, sewing, and cooking. She is also a competitive speller and finished in the top 6 in the Appalachian Regional Scripps Spelling Bee.


Lauren’s platform is one she created called “Wear the Crown.”  She enjoys visiting people of all ages and abilities and encouraging them to take pride in their special gifts and talents.  During her year of service, Lauren is especially looking forward to working with children with special needs.

Lauren would like to be a doctor when she grows up and is thinking of specializing in pediatric dermatology. Her dream schools are Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins. Lauren would also love to live on a farm and have a big family.